Should I Move to Silicon Valley to get my Killer Startup Off the Ground?

I see that smile on your face. You’re lying in bed or stuck in traffic and your brain kicks into action. The promised land. Multi-million dollar valuations. Angels and VC’s in every coffee shop. They’ve been waiting for you and your super-killer idea. You’ve memorized every one of Brad Feld’s or Fred Wilson’s blog posts, been diligent about knowing what’s hot from TechCrunch and have watched the FaceBook movie at least 10 times. YOU ARE READY! What’s stopping you? Get on the Greyhound bus (like starlet wanna-be’s from years gone by making that trek from Little Town, Missouri to Hollywood) and start your new life now. Silicon Valley is yesterday’s Hollywood. Complete with the over-promise. Watch the casting-couch. Last year in the middle of our Accelerator program down here in Raleigh/Durham (then called LaunchBox – now re-launching as Triangle StartUp Factory), I had the opportunity to bring Brad Feld and David Cohen of TechStars fame into talk to about 350 local entrepreneurs. And guess what one of the questions was? Should I move to Silicon Valley to get my startup off the ground? As is the case in most events like this – Brad took the lead. And I strongly

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