Measuring Startup Success

While sitting around the proverbial coffee shop with your professional friends, one day you finally stumble on the "leap idea."  You know, that idea that makes you quit your job at iContact or Red Hat or Bronto. The idea is hatched. The excitement is unbelievable. You are grounded enough to not think about the spoils three years out when Google buys you (the obvious measuring stick). But what about next month? Or more importantly next year? How are you going to measure success over those time periods? I wrote about a particularly thorny issue a few weeks back regarding local investor advice. Turns out that sometimes investors and the firm founders have different ideas on how to measure progress. Go figure. Surprised? If so, take a few steps back. You see, when you take someone's money you also invite them into bed with you.  And one man's high five is another man's hmmm.  This is not bad or wrong and if you can't understand or live with this then don’t take their money. It's just the way it works.  There are plenty of great examples of local firms who are kicking arse that have done this without professional money (Sageworks

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