iContact Acquired by Vocus

Vocus, a provider of cloud-based marketing and PR software, announced today that it has acquired iContact, a provider of cloud-based email and social marketing software. iContact is used by over 70,000 organizations to create and publish professional-quality emails to engage, educate and retain customers. With this acquisition, email will become the latest addition to the Vocus marketing suite, an integrated solution that helps organizations reach and influence buyers across social networks, online and through the media. The suite already includes search marketing, social marketing and publicity modules, centered around a recommendation engine. The recommendation engine makes easy-to-follow suggestions that enable businesses to attract customers through search marketing, generate buzz and visibility in the media, engage with customers on Twitter and launch campaigns on Facebook. Unveiled in October 2011, the marketing suite has become the fastest selling product in Vocus history. “The Vocus marketing suite is one of the most comprehensive digital marketing solutions for small and mid-sized businesses,” said Rick Rudman, President and CEO of Vocus. “It combines elements of search marketing, social marketing and publicity to enable users to reach and influence potential customers in today’s online world. Now it will include email, which is a vital component of

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