My Idea is Brilliant, Right?

I have so many great ideas that solve so many problems.  They arrive from everywhere.   Planes are the best/worst place for them - must be something about the oxygen.  Or could it be the lack of distraction that allows my brain to wander?  When I managed large diverse teams of people, my staff came to regret the long trips as I would return with pages of random thoughts.  Now my partner Dave has to manage this.  Good luck, Dave. It's a curse really. What do I do with all these ideas?  Work all of them?  Throw them all away?  Dump them on somebody else?  Are you out there, Dave? By now I actually do have a system.  Some of you have been part of this.  You are my test customer set.  I use you all the time.  Thanks, you have been invaluable.   Your check is in the mail. Here is my process . . . Step 1 I create idea bubbles.  In my head I place all of these ideas.  They float there - available when I need or want to think about them.  I poke at them, whoosh them away, sometimes they pop and disappear, sometimes they sit there.

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