Are You a Painkiller or a Vitamin

Last week, I wrote about a keen messaging trick you can use to sharpen your presentations when first hitting the road.  A lot of first-timers try to sell everything they can in those first meetings.  Most of those conversations end up going nowhere.  Check out the article in  If you like it or have thoughts - go ahead and use the social share links or comment and let them know what you think.  This is the first article as a weekly Contributing writer for   The idea has germinated and some code has been written--you’re confident that your business idea has enough shape to be shown to a few customers and friends. Maybe this is day five, or maybe it’s month five. At any rate, you are now ready to take your work outside of the safe confines of your office. So, what are you going to tell these potential customers? Please, don’t just give them the demo and “see what happens next.” Your meeting has to have a point. You give it a point by figuring out who you are. I like to view it through this lens: Is your product a painkiller or a vitamin? The

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