Your Company, It’s Not Your Baby

This article first appeared on Great start-up entrepreneurs are self-absorbed, heavy-ego machines. For some serious period of time, they have sat either by themselves or with one or two similarly focused co-founders in their office (read: bedroom), a Starbucks, or a borrowed corner of some other entrepreneurs’ office (perhaps not a bedroom), where they have done nothing but think about their idea. At this point in their company’s evolution, it’s a me-me-me proposition. As it should be. At this stage, an entrepreneurs’ motivation has to be about self. There is nothing else. No money. No customers. No partnerships. All of the validation has to come from within you and/or your fellow team members. How else do you get through those early days? But then comes the shift. Pay attention–this is really important. And I am always surprised when start-up founders miss it.

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