Triangle Entrepreneurs Are Good People

I was relating a little of my history here in the Triangle to one of our TSF companies (who has moved here to be part of our 3 month program).  He was wondering how one gets something like this started.  I have written that my process is about socializing the idea with as many different people as I can to get feedback and to begin the honing of the idea to the core value prop. When I set out to socialize the idea of a TechStars-like accelerator to operate somewhere in Raleigh, Durham or Chapel Hill, I decided that I needed to talk to 3 different constituents: Entrepreneurs Savvy, serial startup executives who might serve as mentors Investors. Of course I also met with a 4th group of university, government & association players (what Feld calls "feeders"). My 1st year's journey was a wild ride.  I estimate that I sat down one-on-one with approximately 275 people for a coffee, lunch, soda or frosty beverage.  I got to know every meeting place and could at the drop of a dime figure out the middle meeting point based on where you were coming from.  By-the-way, I dont drink coffee.  (The Starbucks on 55/54

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