Looking Yourself In The Mirror – What Do You See?

Startup guru?  The next major tech czar?  A savvy investor?  A code stud among a sea of studs? These are the media-like labels.  The ones that less than 1/100 of 1% get to.  But how about all the other roles that are equally critical?  Online marketing dude.  Customer acquisition queen.  Java god.  Designer of all designers. I have a favorite cliche (one of many I seem to share, and most come from my Dad) – “entrepreneurship is a team game not a solo sport”.  We take this pretty seriously over here at TSF.  The team thing resonates throughout our selection process, our 12 week program, our post-program investment decisions and finally the time we decide to allocate to our portfolio companies after they leave us. As a grisly veteran (read old), I sometimes think back to what I was thinking at 25 or 30 years old and my career.  And I keep thinking of what I know now. Your career equals the sum parts of your experiences.  Your goal should be to acquire as many good experiences as you can.  This will put you in a great position to be successful in what ever role you dream about. When I

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