The “Fit” and Why We Have To Work Harder

In the last week, I have read two blog posts by two studs who I really respect; Andrew Chen and Tim Huntley. Both are addressing THE fundamental issue for all startups - Product/Market fit.  Andrew does a great job of articulating the metrics for various types of tech companies.  As part of the Lean model of Build-Measure-Learn you gots to measure but measure what?  Early on it is very easy to measure the wrong stuff.  Read this if you are a tech startup.  Read this if you support tech startups to best understand what areas they need to focus on. Tim's post today really brings the broader product/market fit to a head.  Tim is an Entrepreneur-In-Residence here at TSF.  He is the dude as he delivers great insights with a perfect balance of directness and a smile.  Don't be mistaken with the smile reference, he takes his role in TSF and the greater Triangle very seriously.  Tim's point is that most startups get off on the wrong foot by concentrating on the wrong thing - product development.  Start with the customer and figure out what they want first. Both of these posts brings me to my big concern for the

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