Practice, Practice, Practice

You're young, you're motivated, you're smart--but you aren't really prepared. At the most difficult moments in business, there is no substitute for experience.  (This article first appeared here on Let's channel legendary coach Phil Jackson of the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers for a second. One of the basic tenets of Jackson’s coaching philosophy was that you are more likely to perform well in a difficult situation if you’ve been tested in that very situation. That’s why Jackson put his players in game scenarios in practice, over and over. The thinking was that both the brain and the body need to be exposed to specific stresses in order to train them to react a certain way. I think business works pretty much the same way. I’m sure there are some young entrepreneurs who are so skilled that they can process and react perfectly the first time they face a tough moment. I hope you are one of them. But I think probably not. Most of us need to face challenges in order to truly learn. We need to practice. I think back to a situation where my older boss and I were pitching the CEO of our multi-billion-dollar public company

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