Psssst! You Gotta Do a Culture Shift Too!

You see the opportunity for a new business model. Great. But are you aware of all the changes that go along with it?  (This article first appeared here on I recently had lunch with one of my favorite people, someone who has been the catalyst for growing his company’s revenue 4X in just over 3 years.  It’s a private company and so I can’t share actual revenue but we are talking single-digit millions to double-digit millions.  And, they maintained/increased their profitability during this same time period. (In other words, they did not buy their revenue.) As a 14-year-old company, they have plenty of entrenched processes that support their business, including a very traditional sales method: They are an outbound cold-calling machine. They are so adept at this approach, in fact, that other local companies come to them to learn how to do it. To support this sales machine (and the revenue momentum it’s responsible for) they have an internal HR/recruiting staff that follows a familiar, old-school model, targeting and hiring high-GPA recent college graduates from around the nation. It’s also worth noting that a critical component of their product suite is software, and their development process follows a waterfall

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