Make Me Your Products’ Bitch

To launch a top app, keep it simple and be the expert.  (This article first appeared in here.)   Think about how many software products you use in a given day. How about just the apps on your iPhone or Android device. Not many, right? You're not alone. Of the more than 1.5 million apps available for public consumption, we use just about eight apps each day, according to data from Flurry Analytics. Naturally, you must be thinking: How the heck do you compete in a world like this? How do you become unique and break through to one of those magic eight? Less Is More To most startups the answer is "more features." The idea is that more is better. We will give our customers so many tidbits of value across the many features that they just can't not use our product. Or, we will have so many features that a large number of customers will each find value in a small handful of those features. The absurdity of this approach is further exacerbated by the innate psychology of builders (in this case software development founders). Coders want to code. More features equals more coding. If there is

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