Post Festival Thoughts

(Photo by Jeffrey A. Camarati) Two weeks ago today we were wrapping up Day 3 of the Paradoxos Festival in downtown Durham.  This was year 2 for this event and I am both happy that it is over (too much work) and pleased in what we delivered. The genesis for Paradoxos started over 2 years ago over beer.  Beer discussions and showers are where all the best ideas originate I think.  We had one simple thought - can we cobble together a couple of our individual/separate events that are operated on their own and pull them into an umbrella event that would create a larger awareness for our region.  Awareness for our region.  Can people outside of the Triangle come visit to see what we got going on. Dave & I brought the TSF Pitch Day.  Casey Steinbacher from the Durham Chamber brought her annual meeting that focused on the Durham story which she morphed from a story "about Durham" into a story "in Durham" .  The format was similar to a TEDx event.  She called in THE NEXT.  Last year we added a party for a 3 event umbrella.  And it rained but about 500 showed up for the TSF

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