“How Do I Connect” Reminders

I get asked every week by newcomers into this tech ecosystem how to better connect with said ecosystem. Most of you are aware of HQ Raleigh, the American Underground (Durham @ATC, @Main and @Raleigh) which are great places to meet a large # of startups and early stage companies. By definition these places are open & collaborative. Use them. In addition there are a growing number of monthly events including two must attends: Exit Event (tonight in Hillsborough) - should draw 80-120 people. Tech Breakfast - a new event that I really like which is growing a large East Coast footprint Thinking of starting something or currently working on a startup and want to see if The Startup Factory is a place for you? We are holding one of our 2x per year Open House's to directly talk about our investment thesis, the application and our selection process.  Register here.

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