Self-Awareness as a First-Time CEO

I got my creative thang on a few weeks ago and decided to make my first infographic. Stay tuned - I will finish it this week and it will be distributed through the normal channels (this blog, my twitter - @chrisheivly, TSF twitter - @TSF_VC, etc.). The exercise of gathering relevant and interesting facts about what we do was something slightly awkward for me. You see I spend so much time charging ahead (like most of us) that I had not taken any time to look back. At least in broad summary, data-driven terms. As we have matured as a seed investment fund, we have seen very real patterns emerge. At the end of every TSF session, Dave and I review what is working and what is not and adjustments are made for the next cohort. These are mainly tactical decisions. About 1-2 times per year we also take a day or two and go offsite to discuss future thoughts. All of that is standard playbook for most companies. But I am talking about something different here. I am thinking more data-driven insights. So, I wondered whether some of you operate like I have and whether we all should take

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