10 Tips to Break Out of Your Founder Funk

Obstacles, barriers, walls, swamps, quicksand - call it what you will, your job is to get through those points of startup friction. Here are 10 tips that will work for you. We all get to those choke points. Your brain just won't process what to do next. Maybe it's a key product decision or an office space contract. These decisions will compound over time as you add investors, employees and customers to the mix. So, here you sit with a key decision and you can't decide what to do. Don't freak out and please don't think you are alone in thinking that others never get to this decision paralysis. We all suffer from it. But there are a few tips and tricks that I use that will prove useful to you. The bottom line--you need to stop thinking and clear your brain for a while. Some tips are time dependent and some provide more time to wash out the uncertainty and eventually find your answer. Get out of your office. This is the obvious first thing you should try. Your office has all the trappings of your business brain. You need to remove this immediately and getting outside your office

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