5 Embarrassing Things to Never Say When Talking to Investors

Don't put yourself in this situation--ever. Know that queasy, stomach-churning feeling you get about 15 minutes after leaving a meeting that you absolutely bombed? You say to yourself, "that was the most embarrassing thing ever"? Of course, we've all been there. It's not unlike those awkward high-school moments where you blurt out the wrong thing to someone you've had a major crush on. This feeling is the worst. And while many of us--hopefully--leave these pubescent gaffes firmly in the past, when they rear their ugly head into adulthood, the feelings naturally come welling back. And if not a love interest, the corollary in the world of entrepreneurship may well involve a pivotal meeting with a potential investor, which you absolutely want to avoid screwing up. Here are five uber-embarrassing things to never say: "F**k". Cussing just does not work when you are in your first set of meetings. Try it and then watch the look on their faces. Remember that investors are looking for reasons to say "no". They are imagining you sitting in front of a customer or a partner that they brought to the table. I cuss like a sailor--when I am in the drivers seat. You have

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