3 Steps to Radically Improve Your Communication Style

Leadership muscles have to be built just like your body muscles. Leadership muscles are no different than body muscles and like your body, you need to exercise and build your leadership muscles to perform at your best. And like a great workout, you must break down those muscles before they can rebuild stronger than before. Want to be a great leader? Proactively identify exercises that build your leadership muscles. Early in my career as I first began to lead teams, I typically would take the more traditional or safe route. If you are inside a large organization they actually brainwash you into forming this strategy. Play along, don't make waves, fill out your annual employee reviews without ruffling feathers; you get the idea. This is not leadership--you are just a caretaker. Caretakers maintain, caretakers don't grow, innovate or inspire. Appropriate, clear, and targeted communication is the hallmark of a great leader. But what is clear or appropriate or targeted? What types of information should you communicate as an effective leader? There are obvious items such as financial performance (revenue, cost or profit goals) or funding milestones. These messages are appropriate for more of your team than you might think. Want

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