5 Indisputable Signs Your Advisor is a Fraud

Great advisors deliver great advice, bad advisors deliver poor advice and you better figure out who is who. I have been in the full-time advice business for over 5 years now as co-founder of The Startup Factory–a seed investment fund married to a heavy mentorship program. Our task is to put startup founders in a position to engage in a fire hose of advice across a large number of advisors. Giving great advice is very hard. Providing bad advice is easy and the problem is that most people can’t tell the difference between the two. Getting bad advice influences your decision-making in ways you don’t see sometimes. Giving great advice is one part content and one part delivery. Great content derives from an advisors experience. Great delivery seems to seep into your soul and feels like a warm blanket instead of a bullhorn to your brain. I advocate to all entrepreneurs to find a set of advisors they can depend on for great advice. But how do you find the great ones from the bad ones? Here are 5 signs that your advisor is a fraud: They talk before listening. How can you give advice if you have not heard

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