4 Logic-Crushing Reasons No One Wants Your Idea

Understanding this can go a long way to figuring out what to do with your ideas. Some of us are lucky and some are cursed with the idea engine. Are you one of those people? Do you see solutions to problems every day? Do you fancy yourself as an inventor? Do you keep these bottled up inside your head waiting for the perfect moment to go run with that idea? Are you one of these types who never share your idea with anyone for fear of losing control of the idea? Maybe you are not an entrepreneur–maybe you are just the idea person. If so, you better go find an entrepreneur because no one wants your idea! Ideas are everywhere and you are not alone or unique in the idea-generating club. Turns out that club is pretty darn big. But big surprise for you; the take-an-idea-and-turn-it-into-a-business club is much smaller. Here are four reasons that no one wants your idea. Lets start with the easy one. I hope you have heard this clich before but here it goes again. It’s not the idea; it’s the execution of the idea. There are literally hundreds of small minute decisions that need to be made every

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