3 Simple Personal Investments That Will Create Success for You This Fall

It may sound corny but these simple tasks can have amazing results. I love Labor Day as it serves as the bookend to the summer. Even as an adult, summer feels like a temporary, vacationee, let-loose existence. Labor Day brings an end to that. And with that end, a new beginning emerges. The fall. As you hunker down to celebrate the end of summer and you steel yourself to prepare for the fall run into winter, consider taking a step back to think about how you can put yourself in a better position for success. Small business startups are a series of sprints and for most of us, we start a new spring post Labor Day. Set 3 Meaningful and Achievable Goals to reach before Christmas. I would love to see a mix of business and personal here. The goals should have a significant impact on you. Maybe you want to lose 10 lbs. Maybe you want to raise money for your startup. Maybe you want to learn to play the piano. (By-the-way, these are all under serious consideration for me!) Write them down then share them with someone for some accountability. Once shared they are now out there for

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