7 Superpowers and Why You Need At Least 1

What does Donald Trump, Superman, Mark Cuban, Spiderman and Lebron James all have in common? Superman has amazing strength. Donald Trump has bravado. Spiderman has web making. Bill Clinton has political maneuvering. Mark Cuban is unconventional. Lebron James has his physical attributes. The one thing that all of these successful people have in common is that they rock their individual superpower. Somewhere along their journey, they figured out that they had something no one else had or at least had it with the same amount of power. They had a superpower. For you as a budding entrepreneur, you must wear multiple hats. That much is a given. But to ultimately succeed, you must identify, grow and strengthen your superpower. What kinds of power might you have? Confidence/No fear. Too many of you fake this. I still do. It's not my superpower. But to many, you have ice in your veins. Regardless of the situation, you remain calm, confident and with this comes a power that others can see and feel. Persuasiveness. Here is one that I have and I use every day. I can convince someone to join my team or idea regardless of the stage. Rand McNally, The Startup

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