Curious How to Write Your First Book?

Are you contemplating a book to augment your personal brand? These eight steps can help you achieve that goal. Last year, I wrote my first book with one goal in mind: This will help me market my business to a broader audience. Ever think like that? You should, as the very nature of writing and publishing a book provides a boatload of credibility, especially with professionals who don't already know who you are or your background. My book is about the startup journey and focuses on the months leading up to that decision to leap. We have all been to a conference where an author stands up to talk about his or her vision. How many times do you think, "Wow, that person is pretty smart, and here they are talking about their book." Build the Fortis my new calling card. Writing a book is a huge undertaking, but I managed to do it and continue to work my day job (seed stage venture capitalist) and a side business (recruiting events and job board for tech companies). You have two choices when you consider writing your book: You can look at it as an impossible task with 100 tiny hurdles standing

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