7 Quick Tricks to Improve Your Personal Brand Today

Your brand influences your company's brand. Are you building your brand? Who are you? Do you know how others view you? Do you care? David Ogilvy describes brand as "the intangible sum of a product's attributes." OK, this sounds a little jargonish so let's explain this in simple terms--your brand is how others perceive you. Your task, if it is important for you and your company is to influence that perception of how others view you and your company? That's right, you AND your company. More and more your personal brand is a natural extension or influencer of your company's brand. The older you are, the more you have little interest in forming a personal brand (though I would argue one already exists for you). Your brand is based on who you do business with, who you interact with, what those people think of you and most importantly what others see from you on a daily basis. Here are 7 areas that you can address today to change, alter, improve how others perceive you: How you dress. Formal or informal? Free T-Shirts or designer jeans? Or both? What events you attend. Meetups or just societal events? Who you interact with

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