7 Daily Habits Every New Leader Must Embrace Today

We know we need to slow down, but how do we make it a habit? The startup world by definition is a chaotic roller coaster where you try to just hang on until the ride slows down. But the dirty little secret for 1st-timers is that the ride never slows down. After a few weeks/months/years you come to realize that you have to slow the ride down not only to survive but also to run your business more effectively. As a leader, you have a choice to ride the roller coaster and let the coaster set your pace, or to get off the ride and you set your own pace. Taking back control will not only enable you to operate better but will send more positive office karma that will trickle down to your employees. If you are tired of chasing the day and want to take back control, it is up to you to slow down your brain so that you can focus on the more important items. The best decisions, the best creativity and the best interactions take place when our brains are totally present. Here are 7 daily habits that can help you be more present: Set

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