Kill Your New Brand With This 1 Lazy Mistake


Creating a brand is difficult for startups, but that effort is wasted if you are not careful. I love working with startups. That blank sheet of paper representing the hundreds of decisions waiting to be made is where my breathing quickens. There are all those detailed product decisions. There are customer/market decisions that can influence how quickly you grow. This is where great companies are built, or not. In many ways I think it is easier to build out your product or target your first customers as compared to figuring out your company's identity. I have found that there are two schools of thought on startup brand building: There are those who think it is a wasted effort and that you should concentrate on figuring out product & market, and There are those who are assuming success in product & market and want to set the brand early. Now, to be clear, when I speak about the "brand" today, I am not talking about the logo, or colors, or even the name of the company. Today, I am talking about the words you use to describe what the company is about. You can call this your UVP (Unique Value Proposition)

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