Billion Dollar Exits vs North Carolina Politics: Something’s Gotta Give

hb2 startups

Push all the political rhetoric to the side and what remains is a major business issue for entrepreneurs.  North Carolina is center stage today, not because we are an emerging economic powerhouse, but because the state legislature passed a law that prevents local governments from adding anti-discrimination protections for LGBT people or establishing a minimum wage beyond the state standard. We have already seen a significant impact on business, and regardless of your position on this thorny issue, that's something to care deeply about. HB2 creates business friction for every growing company that chooses to call North Carolina home. Great leaders and great companies overcome business friction by making choices that place them in a position to succeed. Good government is supposed to support leaders in those decisions. The North Carolina legislature and Governor failed by adding instead of reducing business friction. As a civic business leader, it's incumbent upon me to find areas where I can help remove business friction. At The Startup Factory (a seed investment business I operate with my partner Dave Neal), our mission is to create an environment where passionate and motivated founders can get started without many of the traditional obstacles that inhibit startup

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