5 Rookie Leadership Mistakes You Should Absolutely Avoid

With so many lessons, here are a few leadership signals that you are doing it all wrong. Whether you are a new startup founder building out your team or that up and coming corporate manager leading a team, you undoubtedly should be thinking of ways to be an effective leader. Over the past 30 years of managing teams as well as advising rising executives, I have found that the first step is a healthy dose of self-awareness of the importance of effective leadership. Leadership has to be intentional not accidental. You can't limp in to great leadership. And you can't make it up on the fly. Ultimately leadership is about character and how you want the important people in your organization to view your character. First and foremost, let's break down five of the more painful signs that you are a poor leader: You take credit for wins you had nothing to do with. Let's get the big one out in the open right away. Great leaders are happy to give others credit for company wins. Sharing credit can also be harmful. Feel secure in your role that if the team wins - you win, without the overt attempt to take some

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