My Time With A Room Full Of Navy SEALs


The United States Navy's Sea, Air and Land teams, known as the Navy SEALs are a special operations force recognized for small-unit military operations. They are an elite, highly trained (2.5 years before first deployment) group and considered the best of the best as the attrition rate from day one is estimated to be 80-90%. Navy SEAL teams work in small groups and perform and execute missions based on extensive planning. We can only imagine the tasks these men execute over the course of their career. But what happens post career? Is there a place in business as an entrepreneur? The Honor Foundation was formed in 2013 to specifically address the transition of these military warriors into civilian life. Twice this year (last week was #2) I had the opportunity to speak about intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship to a cohort of 20 extraordinary men and women over the course of 2 days. My task, how do I inspire and inform a group of highly informed and inspirational people? As I travel the country speaking about the decision to start a company (nor not) and the requisite mental, physical and financial preparation that must occur to insure a positive outcome, I typically talk

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