Break Hiring Bias With This One Outrageous Technique


Like it or not we bring bias to our hiring and this will inhibit your success. Your startups' business success will be based on the strength of your first hires. These first employees will either be additive to your organization and provide the juices to do more than the business could execute previously, or they will be a negative drain on you and others resulting in either a stalled company or worse a cratering entity. How will you know which one you are hiring? HR managers and recruiters everywhere spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours creating a hiring process with the goal of landing rock stars. In order to maximize their chances, they build a hiring process that goes like this: Develop a job description aka a wish list of characteristics, credentials and experiences Create awareness for the position through as many channels as you can afford (Craigslist, LinkedIn, Careerbuilder, Monster, Local Job Boards, and their website). Push everyone interested into the same structured funnel (resume, cover letter, web form). Review candidates either manually or with a software system using keywords and match those against the job description. Reduce the funnel to a manageable # of candidates (short

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