Why There Can Only Be One Batman at Your Company

cofounder conflict

Having a co-founder is great–at first. Here’s how to keep your business conflict free. One age-old entrepreneurial dilemma is how to deal with co-founder conflict. If you have not had an issue with your co-founder yet, just wait; it is only a matter of time. While in the honeymoon period of your venture together, I will guarantee you that co-founder decision-making is pretty easy. Both of your endorphins are kicking in producing a startup high unlike anything else. Wait until you are in year five or a big customer just fired you, or revenue has stalled or the latest version of your product crashed the servers, or your first senior hire just walked out the door. Not all issues have to be in this company-crashing category. Some co-founder conflicts are categorized in the, “I hate you, you are an idiot” type issues. These are nasty and ultimately get resolved at some point as in you quit or I quit or the board forces one of you out. I once had a partner who just stopped talking to me for a few weeks without any explanation. I was heads down on a project so I didn’t really notice. In fact I thought he was just

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