One Unusual But Powerful Trick To Combat Fear

laughing fear trick

Have you found your tricks to overcoming your fear? If not try this simple trick I use every day. Fear seems to creep in at the most interesting moments for me. It's not right before an important meeting--I have prepared for that. It's not when I am lying awake before I fall asleep--my brain is way too disconnected to let fear take over then. It's not when I am on stage--I have given too many speeches and grown quite confident in those situations. My fear moments arrive when I am focused on something mundane (showering, driving, walking on the treadmill). This feels counter intuitive and illogical at its foundation but with years of experience under my belt (think age), I have figured out why my fears show up in these weird moments. Before I share that insight, let's review the basics of fear. There are the obvious fear producing moments (public speaking, critical meetings, confrontation with friends, family or workmates) that we are confronted with all the time. Fear is our brain's way of signaling to the rest of our body that there is danger. Our brain is trying to protect us from the big hairy animal that is ready

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