The #1 Challenge For Your Company In 2017, And It’s Not What You Think


Inclusion is both an opportunity and a perplexing challenge. Building your business is crazy hard with so many challenges to overcome. A recent First Round Capital survey indicated that hiring talented people, acquiring customers & driving revenue, and raising follow-on capital are the major tasks looking forward to 2017. For any CEO/Founders out there you should now respond with an obvious "duh". For the sake of this article, lets group customers, revenue and fundraising in one category and set it to the side. Every CEO struggles with these basic business-building tasks and 2017 will be no different than any previous year. Fundraising opportunities should not change dramatically from 2016 and identifying and acquiring customers is difficult at any time. At the risk of taking one survey of over 700 early stage companies and drawing overly dramatic conclusions, I found some major discrepancies in Founder/CEO's impressions and actions with regards to hiring. This does not bode well for you (or them). For example: "Hiring good people" was rated the #1 Top concern If they fail, their #1 Top reason is "couldn't raise follow-on capital", while #4 was "we hired the wrong people". Over 58% expect to hire between 6 and 50

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