The Next Wave Will Be Built on This One Thing, According to Steve Case

steve case

If AOL represented the first wave of the Internet, and Google and Facebook represent the 2nd wave, what will the 3rd wave look like? If you are a budding entrepreneur you need to understand the ways that emerging companies will be built and what type of playbook is required to ensure success. The playbooks used yesterday in prior waves will not be relevant tomorrow. Every business is in search of the most effective path to success. Meander around utilizing outdated techniques and you waste valuable resources (time and money). This is even more critical in geographic areas that are capital constrained; which in effect provide you less time to execute a successful growth strategy. Where Silicon Valley was the only destination for technology-based startups for the past 30 years, the necessity for one to migrate there is decreasing. I live this every day in Raleigh-Durham but the same can be said for Atlanta, St. Louis, Dallas, LA, Miami, Chicago and many 3rd tier communities. So what does an entrepreneur operating outside the capital-rich confines of California run need to run tomorrow's playbook? Partners. I have written many times how you need to build credibility in order to secure capital, customers

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