Want to Close Your Big Deal? Experts Say Do This One Thing


You can sell with a wave of perfect words, another option is to develop this one trait. Every one of you who is running their own business has built the muscles to sell your product/service/vision. Some of you are good at it and some of you are still a work in progress. To be an effective salesperson you must have the following traits: A minimum ability to speak or write your messages, Fully understand your product, Easily share your value as compared with competing products, Deliver a proposal (financial or otherwise) that exchanges value, and Finally, you must be able to secure agreement (close the deal). These over-simplified five bullets are the foundation of an effective salesperson and company founder as every startup founder/entrepreneur/sole proprietor is continually selling something. Executing these five are necessary but do not even remotely guarantee success. People who blindly run this playbook are order-takers not sales people. In order to be a rockstar-sales agent, you must develop other skills that are not as obvious and take significantly more time to master. Today, we talk about listening. This week, I witnessed a sad example of the absence of a listening trait. While visiting a mid-west city

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