3 Things to Know Before Investing in Millennial Founders

invest millenial

Investors and millennial founders must adapt to each other to survive. You know the statistics like those from Pew Research indicating that Millennials (18-34 in 2015) are expected to represent the nations largest living generation. We also know that there will be significant workplace changes that will impact how business is conducted. What about investing in millennials? To best understand how to invest, we first must understand what drives this generation. There are many research articles and thought pieces around the topic but these three strike me as most relevant to how one might think about investing in a millennial startup. Millennials are: social animals and digitally share their lives freely, slow to marry and slow to commit to large material items (houses, cars, etc.), create and most importantly are committed to a lifestyle that leans heavily to personal and family wellness. What does this mean for Boomer and Gen X & Y generation investors? Fundamentally it means that they will not look like the founders we are used to seeing. As social animals, they will share both their personal and business life in any number of social platforms. This has advantages for you (you can get a pretty quick

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