Answer This One Question and Set Your Course for Personal Success

curious critical

Searching for guidance to ladder up ie driving personal success? I find that in serious situations you must gather relevant information, analyze the data and choose one of two or three basic paths forward. Over the past few weeks I shared one of my tricks - the Rule of 3 - as a guidepost to keeping you focused as well as evaluating fear vs. confidence to create personal courage. Both of these address certain dimensions of self-awareness that feel more in the moment. So, I go to thinking about basic personality traits that drive personal success and stumbled on the notion of your starting point when addressing everyday issues. Do you default to Critical or Curious? Each one of these has a powerful connotation for dealing with the problems that arise in everyday business life and I would posit that your approach to these issues will ultimately drive the outcome. Or it will drive the outcome as others judge your role in that outcome. The critical approach is one in which every idea, proposed solution, and evaluation is viewed through the lens of what is wrong with what is being shared. We all know people like this and many times

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