That Time I Could Not Break My Depression

startup depression

Startup founders are easy victims of depression. Co-Founder of MapQuest. Vice President & Managing Director of a $25M corporate venture capital fund in the 90's, CEO & Chairman of a startup with a $2M annual run rate. COO of a $20+M revenue software company. Startup community builder. None of that prior success prepared me for a moment in 2015 where the evil thoughts in my head had overtaken the rational startup brain. By the spring of 2015, my partner Dave Neal and I had created a $6.5M+ seed accelerator fund in Raleigh/Durham. We had been operational since 2012 after spending the later half of 2011 raising the funds and getting prepared. But, The Startup Factory was not just a seed fund, it was a catalyst for many other activities I was involved in including a crowd sourced tech blog, a very impactful reverse job fair, a local festival and many side events. All of these activities helped drive the growth of the startup ecosystem. The TSF fund had a 4-year life span, which was slated to close by the end of 2015. So, Dave and I were preparing to raise a second, much larger fund to kick-start in 2016. This

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