Successful Millennials Quickly Master Their Version of Networking


Boomer, Gen-X, Gen-Y? We all do it differently. Millennials (ages 13-29) build professional relationships differently than the rest of us. Digital platforms and electronic devices are front and center for millennials and it should be no surprise that both are critical networking tools for this age group. Understanding how millennials network may just be a benefit to each one of us boomers. As a baby-boomer, I continue to use more face-2-face methodologies as the core of my networking. I even (gasp) pick up the phone and call people. I like to meet people out at various events and get to know them by shaking their hand and looking them in the eye. Millennials first step is to connect with you via one of a few different social platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and basic text messaging. While I might find that a bit cold, this is the entry point and first layer of connectivity. It is said that the key to networking is building long-lasting relationships. Not sure how well you have done in the past, but I find building relationships to be pretty darn hard. I guess that is why the idea of networking feels more like an inconvenience. In order for me to

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