The 7 Relationships Billionaires Commit to Every Day


It can be as simple as "No Relationships - No Business"! Good business is nothing but a set of positive & productive relationships all bundled together. Create more, better and deeper relationships than the next guy and you just might have a business. What kind of relationships are we talking about? Vendors. I am not aware of a business that does not rely on a number of vendors that support the business. Everyone outsources something. Office space, legal, accounting, recruiting, widgets, mustard, scissors . . . the list goes on. Treat them well and they will treat you well; kind the golden rule of relationships. Advisors. I can't state often enough that the long tail of entrepreneurship is survived by building an informal set of advisors that are willing to serve you (and not the business per se). There will be dark times. Who are you going to reach out to for advice or just to listen to you vent? Friends. No, not the show (though if that brings you comfort go for it). You will need to blow off steam. You will need to exercise. You will need that camaraderie that has this subtle but powerful effect on your mind. Friends are there for all

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