Your Startup Community; One Critical Unifying Certainty


Confused about what role you can play in your startup community? Read on. I have been one of the leaders in building a startup community in Raleigh/Durham NC for almost 10 years and for the last 6 months have been working directly with over 50 communities and their leaders around the world. Helping local startup community leaders establish or grow their ecosystem is both a mission and a business. I am back doing a startup after shuttering my business of 7 years as a seed investor. Are you one of the leaders of your local startup community? Do you often wonder what makes a great community vs. a good community? There are so many variables, facets, and activities that go into community building and leaders are often confused about what to do next. Just a little energy into a search returns over 7.5M books, articles, blog posts and links. In many metro's, leaders form committees to create some consensus around direction. I applaud the idea of gathering like-minded people; I hate the idea of consensus decision-making. I call upon an old adage my father used to share that "a horse by committee is a camel". Not sure what this means? It is simple, if a group

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