Want To Nail Your Next 1st Meeting? Experts Use This One Principle

1st meeting

Great meetings make your day, bad meetings ruin your month. The business of business is about¬†relationships, that much is crystal clear. Most relationships are formed over time but every one started with a 1st meeting. How many times do you feel like the¬†meeting went perfectly? How many times have you walked out murmuring to yourself that you blew it? Every meeting is a challenge. Do you have a plan on how to maximize the goal of a meeting? Do you even have a meeting goal? Every meeting needs a goal and the simplest way to get there is to ask yourself this simple question, “when I walk away and I say to myself I nailed it, what does that look like”? Some meetings are to close the deal (better make sure your target knows that and you have set them up for the ask). Many times the goal of a meeting is getting the next meeting. Relationships develop over time and the next meeting is like the next date. Some meetings are simply to get acquainted. This is typical for many 1st meetings and this is where many do it wrong. What do you talk about when the simple goal

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