The Don’t Screw Up Approach to Startup Success (Absolutely Toxic Say Experts)

screw up

Don't let your dinosaur brain set your startup attitude. Startups are scary; we all know that by now. The unknown has a tendency to overwhelm even the best founders. Hundreds of mini-decisions sometimes made daily and then accrue to thousands over weeks or months accelerate the building of a decision methodology. And I have not even mentioned the big hairy decisions you have to make One approach I see creep into even the best entrepreneurs is an approach to "avoid mistakes or failure". Let's be clear, I am not advocating that we try and fail or make mistakes. The real issue is that in many cases, nobody knows it is a mistake until months or even years later. If you are a new leader and you approach every decision with an attitude of mistake avoidance you will miss the potential magic you are searching for as a startup. Albert Einstein, noted physicist and Nobel Laureate said it best; "anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new." Isn't your startup idea based on the principal of creating something new? Instead of being guided by the fear of failure or mistakes, why not be guided by what you want, rather than by what you

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