Not Quite Ready For Your Startup – Consider This Simple Alternative

alternative startup

Every one should do a startup company, but there is a time that works better than others. Every one of us is looking for an edge, that little extra something that will propel us over the top. Startup founders like you and me sit at the precipice of our leap and look for some guidance as we examine the cost/benefit of the jump. For those who have never started a company, the decision to go ahead is nothing less than frightening. Are you ready is the most common question asked of ourselves. Some of us require market data to support the decision. Some need validation from potential customers. Some embark on building out the product in a misguided thought that your product vision is all that matters. If you can't decide what to do, I have an alternative thought for you. You will never get enough information to satisfy your logical brain. So, treat yourself to a different approach - go work for a startup. Jack Ma, Mark Suster, Fred Wilson and Brad Feld, are just a few that believe that the experience of a startup is worth every minute towards your goal of starting your own gig. Lets call this immersion therapy. Total immersion in

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