One Startup Community Philosophy That Every Breakout Community Lives By

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Need a single community philosophy? You Cannot Reap What You Have Not Sown. Pitch competitions, coffee meetups, a new venture fund – these are all tools of the startup community builder.  But these are just a few of the proverbial tools of the community builder toolbox.  Some argue that there is one perfect community building tool that will produce the breakout community outcome we all dream about.  I argue that point passionately. If there is not one individual tool that creates that breakout phenomena, then what community philosophy are we to embrace as community builders? Let’s use a trick I use in just about every business building mentorship opportunity – let’s go to our targeted outcome, turn around, and look back to today. One of my favorite starting points in determining where a startup community is in their journey is to determine the current and then optimal capacity # of entrepreneurs in the region. The question to ask yourself is this, “what do we need to do to create an environment where thousands of entrepreneurs are operating in my city”?  I am a crawl-walk-run guy and so I look at that question like this: How many entrepreneurs are in my town today?

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