This Calendar Hack Saves Me Hours Per Week

calendar hack

Need to take control of your calendar? This hack is simple to implement. The average person spends 4-5 hours per week scheduling meetings. For some, that is 10% of your workweek. This is related to just scheduling meetings not actually holding the meetings! The problem - the back and forth planning. We have all been on that meeting email thread that seems to go on and on trying to lock in the one date and the one time and then the one place where the universe conspires and the planets align. The pain is exasperated when we question the value of the meeting. All of that feels like a lot of wasted time to me so a few years ago, I dug in and created a calendar-scheduling hack that eliminates most of this time. There are 5 components to the hack: Deciding how much time you wish to allocate to meetings during the week. I hold open office hours as part of my #givefirst to the startup community. I decided that 5 hours per week is appropriate. I further broke that down to 2, 1-hour lunches per week, 2, 1-hour end-of-day beer meetings, and 3, 20 minute open office hours over a 1-hour period. These are

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