What Do You Do With Your Community Bully?

community bully

Just about every city has one, what options do you have? It turns out that startup communities are no different than any other community; there are good actors and bad actors.  One of the bad actors I label as the community bully. In this day of #metoo it should not surprise anyone that startup communities have the same type of bad actor. There is no room for the community bully in the same way there is no room for the gender, racial, sexual preference bully. The one definition of a bully that I prefer is a person who, “uses superior strength or influence to intimidate (someone), typically to force him or her to do what one wants.”  In startup communities, it is the influence that bully’s use to intimidate. Some examples of startup community bullies include: Investors who use their monetary power to extract outrageous terms and unproductive behaviors from founders, Entrepreneurial leaders (and their organizations) who force entrepreneurs to secure real estate (office space) to get access to their organization, Advisors or mentors who only share their experience and network through a “pay to play” arrangement, The grizzled business or government leader who hoards information, convenes secret meetings and

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