Startup Ecosystem Building – More is Better, Or Is It?

startup ecosystem

There are many aspects of life where more is better and as such there are many times we employ strategies to maximize the more.  A few examples that many of us live by are: Money Customers Employees Priceless Art Experiences Time with loved ones Goals in ice hockey (ok maybe just me). In terms of startup community building, there are a plethora of activities that local leaders utilize to create lift.  (For clarity, I am using the word “activities” in a very broad sense.) These may include: Hackathons Coffee meetups ~ 1 Million Cups Grant Programs Pitch Competitions Learn to Code Academies Accelerators Networking Socials Startup Weekends Recruitment Events Venture Funds Community Blogs The list literally goes on and on. Developing ecosystems are first challenged to convene the various actors across the ecosystem.  This has an immediate positive impact as the tribe begins to organize.  Participate in this over a few months and some momentum begins to build. As a community matures, activities naturally increase as newly motivated leaders step up and attempt to fill various voids.  In many mature communities, there may be as many as  2-3 events every week. I find the number, the diversity and the cadence of

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