It’s Time To Say Goodbye to Your Startup – The First Thought You Need To Get Right

It may be the most gut-wrenching decision of your life. Most of reach a point where we know – deep in that dark place where we hide those kind of thoughts – that we are done.  Customer growth has stalled for the last 3 months. My cofounder is starting to email me instead of talking to me directly. And I stopped coming to the office every day opting to “be more focused at home”. Things started with so much energy. My college friend and I found the idea one night and immediately started riffing on the idea the next day. We then started talking to some potential customers and their feedback was off-the-charts positive. Our company created a light-weight product just like everyone advised. We rolled the prototype then the v1 about 9 months ago. A handful of customers signed up and some monthly revenue starting flowing. With that success we were able to secure angel funding which enabled us to hire a small team and grab a cheap office. It all felt so . . . good. But it’s now over a year later and I know that I am done. Deciding to leave your startup is not too

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