How We Accidently Create Negative Community Outcomes

The worst thing is we frequently don’t realize the negative community outcomes we accidently create. Startup communities are made up of many different actors with many different personality styles (kinda like a family).  And like families many of those connective tissues are dysfunctional. There is no judgement here, it is simply our personalities exercising their right to shine. What are some of the more common community personalities or  archetypes? Community Cheerleader – always happy and thing are up and to the right Community Curmudgeon – we are doomed Community Gadfly – shows up at every event; involved in every new activity Community “Expert” – they know everything, just ask them Community Frump – somewhere between the cheerleader and the curmudgeon Community Connoisseur – has good knowledge and pontificates about that knowledge and too many others to mention. Full disclosure – I am a community cheerleader and one of those glass half full guys.  It is my personality and general state of mind. What is a community cheerleader and what role do they play in the community? Let me share my definition of a community cheerleader through my own experiences: I hold weekly open office hours with founders I blog and

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